Journal Club


"A quick introduction to Bayesian Statistics"

Mateusz Janiak (CAMK, Warsaw)

Based on talks from the XXVI Winter School on Bayesian Astrophysics 2014


""Main results of the Illustris project -- recent cosmological simulation" "

Grzegorz Gajda (CAMK, Warsaw)

Based on Vogelsberger et al. (2014), Nature, 509, 177;
Vogelsberger et al. (2014), MNRAS, 444, 1518;


"News from the Milky Way and its stars"

Andres del Pino (NCAC, Warsaw)

Highlights from the KITP conferences. The Milky Way and its Stars: Stellar Astrophysics, Galactic Archaeology, and Stellar Populations


"Tearing up a misaligned accretion disc with a binary companion"

P. Varadarajan (CAMK, Warsaw)

Based on Dogan et al. (2015)