Oliwia Ziółkowska

Oliwia Ziółkowska's photo

Degree: Master degree

Division: Astrophysics II (Warsaw)

ORCID: 0000-0002-0696-2839

Office: 40

Phone: +48 223296169

Personal website: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-0696-2839

E-mail: oliwiakz@camk.edu.pl

Private e-mail: ol.ziolkowska@gmail.com

Oliwia Ziółkowska is a Ph.D. candidate at the Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center (CAMK) in Warsaw and a scholar at the Geoplanet Doctoral School.

Prof. Radosław Smolec supervises of her doctoral thesis.

The topic of her dissertation is classical Cepheids in separated eclipsing binary systems. Oliwia works on modeling their evolution and pulsation to study the influence of the theory's parameters t.i.e. rotation, overshooting, mass loss rate.

She also participates in research grant SONATA BIS funded by NCN (2018/30/E/ST9/00598), ''Classical Cepheids as testbeds for stellar evolution and pulsation theories'' that is led by Prof. Smolec.

Research interests
  • evolution of medium-mass stars,
  • classical pulsators.

Degrees and titles
  • 2020: M.Sc. in Astronomy, University of Warsaw (Poland),
  • 2018: BE in Technical Physics, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology (Poland).