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The Colloquia are held in a "hybrid mode": both in the lecture hall and online or online only (speaker's decision).
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Wednesday Colloquium 13.12.2023

Suhani Gupta

Linear and non-linear statistics of cosmic density fields in modified gravity cosmologies
Journal Club
No forthcoming seminars.

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arXiv:2312.02911[pdf, other]
Accretion processes onto black holes: theoretical problems, observational constraints
Comments:submitted to the Proceedings of the Polish Astronomical Society, comments welcome within the allowed 6 page limit
arXiv:2312.04199[pdf, other]
arXiv:2312.01827[pdf, other]
Equilibrium tori orbiting Reissner-Nordström naked singularities
Comments:16 pages, 11 figures and 1 table