Wednesday Colloquium

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The Colloquium takes place every Wednesday at 11:15 AM - Warsaw Copernicus Astronomical Centre online by means of Zoom platform. The Colloquium is given in English and chaired by dr Stanisław Bajtlik ( from outside of the Copernicus Center are very welcome to participate. For technical detailes please contact Dr. Stanislaw Bajtlik.


"Simulating globular cluster populations around Milky Way and Andromeda-like galaxies with MOCCA models"

Agostino Leveque (CAMK, PAN)

The ability to model both the large-scale dynamics (0.01-10 kpc) controlling globular clusters (GC) orbital evolution, and the small-scale dynamics (sub-pc-AU) controlling the internal GC dynamics are essential for a detailed investigation of the co-evolution of GC systems (GCS) in galaxies. We introduced a novel method for the simultaneous evolution of large GCS that combines fully self-consistent Monte Carlo MOCCA models with semi-analytic GCS models. In order to reproduce the observable features of GCs in the Milky Way and Andromeda, we generated synthetic GC populations using the population synthesis code MASinGa and the MOCCA-Survey Database I. In this study, an attempt was made to determine constraints to the spatial distribution of GCs in both galaxies and the contribution of GC to the formation of the nuclear star cluster and supermassive black holes. Additionally, the black hole and black hole-black hole binaries populations in globular clusters in these galaxies have been studied


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Journal Club

 future talks and archive

Journal Club takes place on Mondays at 11:10 AM in the Barek room. The seminar is given in English and is chaired by Jonas Pereira.


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