Wednesday Colloquium


"Tidally induced bars in galaxies"

Ewa L. Łokas (CAMK, Warsaw)

Galactic bars are generally believed to form via disk instability. There is however another channel for the formation of these structures: by tidal effects. I will review the process of formation and evolution as well as describe the properties of bars induced in galaxies as a result of tidal interactions between them and a larger or equal-mass companion. I will start by describing the results of controlled simulations of dwarf galaxies orbiting the Milky Way and then move to normal-size galaxies interacting during flybys or orbiting galaxy clusters. Then I will place this scenario in the cosmological context and discuss tidally induced bars in galaxies formed in the simulations of the IllustrisTNG project, including a recently identified analog of the Sagittarius dwarf.



Adi Nusser (Technion, Haifa)



Anna Cetera-Włodarczyk (Institute of English Studies, Warsaw Wuniversity)