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5 th Meeting of Young Astronomers

2-4 March 2022 (Online)

PhD studies and summer practice opportunities for students at Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center Warsaw & Toruń


We would like to invite to the 5th Meeting of young astronomers at CAMK PAN which will be held remotely via ZOOM on 2-4 March 2022. The goal of the meeting is to familiarize students interested in astronomy/astrophysics, who are not yet enrolled in a PhD programme with doctoral studies and summer practices opportunities held at Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center (CAMK PAN). The meeting also
provides an opportunity for students to present their conducted research in front of a larger audience.


Topics: Accretion Physics; Cosmic Distance Scales; Dark matter; Gravitational Waves; X-ray binaries; Neutron Stars; Eclipsing Binaries; Pulsating Stars; Stellar mergers; Galactic Archaeology; Astrophysical Magnetic Fields; Q&A sessions.


Speakers: M. Bejger K. Belczynski M. Bilicki M. Cemeljic B. Czerny M. Gorski K. Helminiak A. Janiuk T. Kaminski F. Kayanikhoo K. Nalewajko G. Pietrzynski A. Rozanska R. Smiljanic M. Wada.


Visit the institute website. Contact us: Visit our Indico page for registration.


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