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Z powodu zagrożenia wirusem COVID-19 Journal Club i Wednesday Colloquia są dostępne wyłącznie online. Więcej...o dostępie online

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Brak nadchodzących prezentacji Journal Club.
Wednesday Colloquium 09.02.2022

Lorenzo Gavassino

"Stability-Causality Theorems"

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arXiv:2201.10104[pdf, other]
arXiv:2201.11062[pdf, other]
Wavelength-resolved Reverberation Mapping of quasar CTSC30.10: Dissecting MgII and FeII emission regions
Comments:22 pages, 19 Figures, 6 Tables, Submitted to Astronomy and Astrophysics, Comments are welcome
arXiv:2201.10332[pdf, other]
A search for cool molecular gas in GK Persei and other classical novae
Comments:comments welcome, submitted to A&A
arXiv:2201.07494[pdf, other]
Spectral and polarization properties of reflected X-ray emission from black hole accretion discs
Comments:13 pages, 9 figures, published in MNRAS
arXiv:2201.08785[pdf, other]
Search setup for long-duration transient gravitational waves from glitching pulsars during LIGO-Virgo third observing run
Comments:5 pages, submitted to Proceedings of TAUP 2021