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Three-dimensional kinetic simulations of "ABC fields"

Cosmic sources of high-energy gamma-ray radiation, including blazars and pulsars, are characterized by the presence of ... more Three-dimensional kinetic simulations of "ABC fields"»

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Slim disk workshop

A short workshop to mark the thirtieth anniversary of the publication of the 1988 slim disks ... more Slim disk workshop»

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Postdoctoral position in observational stellar astronomy

Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences (CAMK PAN) announces a competition for ... more Postdoctoral position in observational stellar astronomy»

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Jesienne Spotkania z Astronomią

Zapraszamy na jesienny cykl wykładów popularnych "Spotkania z Astronomią". Pierwszy wykład 8 października 2018. Zobacz PROGRAM ... more Jesienne Spotkania z Astronomią»