Project title: SST-1M Mini-array Construction and Testing as Technology Demonstrator for the Cherenkov Telescope Array


Funding basis: Decision DIR/WK/2017/12 of 14.12.2017 of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education

Project budget: 7 880 044,35 PLN (total - consortium) and 522 783,17 PLN (CAMK)

The aim of the current project is to check the parameters and conduct research using a mini-network of two atmospheric imaging Cherenkov telescopes SST-1M for the study of high-energy gamma radiation from space. The equipment validation and calibration carried out as part of the task will enable the implementation of a whole series of valuable, and perhaps even unique scientific research. Systematic observations of the Crab Nebula, well-studied source of gamma emissions in the energy range up to around 100 TeV which is considered to be the main calibrator for gamma astronomy, will be used to calibrate the system. The main observation program will include monitoring the variability of several known bright blazars (active nuclei of galaxies with relativistic jets facing the observer) to determine their duty cycle range and power spectra in the high energy gamma-ray range. As part of the project, we also plan to attempt to measure the stellar intensity interference SII using two Cherenkov telescopes. The implementation of this measurement technique, proposed several decades ago, would constitute a new quality in astronomy in the implementation of measurements by networks of small Cherenkov telescopes. If the planned trials were to be successful, this would be the fundamental result for instrumental astronomy obtained with our SST-1M network.