Task title: Computational infrastructure for Polish gravitational wave astrophysics

Funding basis: Agreement Nr 6931/II-LAN/SP/2019 of 19.07.2019
Co-financing: 360 000,00 PLN

Total value of the task: 398 769,00 PLN

Funding by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education grant for the development of IT infrastructure

Data analysis in the field of gravitational waves requires access to enormous computing power in the shortest possible time after the end of the observation campaign, calibration and data release (this is also important because the periods between collecting and calibrating data and making it public are gradually shortened). In addition, the astrophysicists at CAMK are actively developing new data analysis methods based on machine learning. Therefore, CAMK PAN applied on behalf of the Polish consortium Virgo for the necessary computing resources.

The grant was awarded for the expansion of a large IT infrastructure at CAMK serving the Virgo-Polgraw group (https://polgraw.camk.edu.pl/pl/), which operates within the European Virgo consortium (https: //www.virgo-gw. eu /).

Thanks to the grant, a GPU supercomputer for deep machine learning was purchased. Please, find more information here.


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