Project title: National Center for Quantum Satellite Communications (NCSatKom)

Funding basis: Agreement Nr 7016/IA/SP/2019 of 19.07.2019 of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education

Project budget: 9 646 000,00 PLN

The project is based on the construction of a robotic telescope and a quantum communication system.
Robotic ground-based telescopes are becoming one of the most important branches of instrumental astronomy. These devices are capable of carrying out at least one night of observation on their own based on general guidelines set by their users, but usually such devices work independently for months and collect huge amounts of data. Robotic telescopes are now also used as sensors in the area of satellites​​and space debris ​​tracking. As part of the Polish Space Strategy, Poland indicated this segment, called SST (Space Surveillance and Tracking), as one of the three basic pillars of the Polish space industry. The aim is to develop the current system for monitoring and tracking of Earth artificial satellites and to assess current and future space threats, such as satellite collisions or their parts. In order to achieve this goal in practice, it is necessary to develop efficient algorithms for the reduction and analysis of data from satellites and terrestrial telescopes, and to ensure confidential communication between the terrestrial and satellite systems. Robotic telescopes can be used as an element of the terrestrial system of communication with satellites through links based on encrypted quantum communication.

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