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Astronomical Observatory Ultraviolet Satellite - UVSat

UVSat is a scientific astronomical observatory mini-satellite carrying a telescopes observing in the ultraviolet (200-300nm,UV), that is proposed by Polish scientific institutes and commercial company to be constructed and launched to high-altitude orbit by 2022/23. We propose to build medium size satellite for high and low resolution spectroscopy as well as for photometry of single/multiple targets. The advanced UV detectors will allow long time monitoring of different astrophysics phenomena and targets.

The agreement concerning preparing feasibility study for UVSat was signed in May 12 between Polish Space Agency and Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences. NCAC PAS represent the consortium of several scientific and commercial institutions: Space Research Center PAS, Astronomical Institute University of Wrocław, Rzeszow University of Technology, The Silesia University of Technology, Creotech Instruments SA, Hertz Systems Ltd Sp. z o.o., Solaris Optics Sp. z o.o. and SpaceCase Sp. z o.o..