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Dr. Arkadiusz Hypki awarded the scholarship of the Minister of Science and Higher Education for outstanding young scientists.

Minister of Science and Higher Education awarded scholarships to young outstanding scientists who conduct high-quality research and have extensive scientific achievements on an international scale. In total, this year the minister awarded 217 scholarships to scientists selected in a competition out of 1,897 submitted applications from all fields of science. In the field of astronomy, our employee of the N. Copernicus Astronomical Center, Dr. Arkadiusz Hypki, is a laureate.

Arkadiusz Hypki's research interests are focused on studying globular star clusters using numerical simulations (the MOCCA code, https://moccacode.net/). Currently, he works as a postdoc in the National Science Centre project "Astrophysics of Gravitational Waves" (MAESTRO 10, 2018/30/A/ST9/00050) under the supervision of Prof. K. Belczyński. In this project, he investigates the effect that binary systems with black holes in star clusters have on the number of potential gravitational wave signals observed by instruments such as LIGO and VIRGO.

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