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Paulina Sowicka is the winner of the CAMK PAN Award for Outstanding Young Researcher for 2022

Laureate of the Scientific Award of the Astronomical Center of Mikołaj Kopernik PAS for Young Researcher, for 2022 was Paulina Sowicka for "significant scientific achievements", in particular for the work "The Missing Link? Discovery of Pulsations in the Nitrogen-rich PG 1159 Star PG 1144+005". Co-authors of the paper are: Gerald Handler (CAMK, PAN), David Jones (Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias) and Francois van Wyk (South African Astronomical Observatory). Paulina Sowicka is preparing the defense of her doctoral thesis at CAMK PAN in Warsaw. The promoters are Gerald Handler (CAMK PAN) and David Jones (currently with the Nordic Optical Telescope in La Palma). Congratulations to Paulina Sowicka.