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Raising funds for S. Braude Radioastronomical Observatory

The website zrzutka.pl is raising funds for the reconstruction of the S. Braude Radioastronomical Observatory near Kharkiv - destroyed as a result of war in Ukraine.

The S. Braude Radioastronomic Observatory is a scientific complex where the UTR-2 radio telescope - one of the largest decameter wave space detectors in the world is located. The observatory also includes the partially built GURT next-generation radio telescope, an optical telescope and a meteor station.

The observatory's staff is currently conducting a fundraiser to urgently protect the devastated observatory buildings and secure the surviving equipment.

Those interested in supporting are referred to the website zrzutka.pl, where there is detailed information on the observatory, the extent of the destruction and how to help.

The website of the Radioastronomical Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine also features an official letter from the observatory's staff.