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Information on the outcome of the competitions for the postdoctoral positions

The Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences (CAMK PAN) informs that in the competitions for the post-doctoral positions, funded from the National Science Centre (NCN), the selection committee recommended and the CAMK PAN Scientific Council approved the employment of the following researchers:

- Dr Deepak. within the OPUS LAP research project nr 2022/47/I/ST9/02358, led by Dr Rodolfo Smiljanic (competition announced on November 23, 2023);

- Dr Sarang Shah, within the Sonata Bis research project nr 2020/38/E/ST9/00486, led by Dr Bogumił Pilecki (competition announced on January 19, 2024);

- Dr Raj Kishor Joshi, within the OPUS LAP reaserch project nr 2022/47/I/ST9/01494, led by Dr Brynmor Haskell (competition announced on January 21, 2024);

- Dr Srimanta Banerjee, within the SHENG research project nr 2023/48/Q/ST9/00138, led by Prof. Andrzej Zdziarski (competition announced on March 7, 2024).