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5 th Meeting of Young Astronomers

2-4 March 2022 (Online) PhD studies and summer practice opportunities for students at Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical ... more »


IV Spotkanie Młodych, 20-22 lutego

Zapraszamy studentów astronomii, fizyki, informatyki i kierunków pokrewnych na spotkanie, którego celem jest prezentacja Centrum Astronomicznego ... more »


The 1st Conference of Young Researchers at CAMK PAN

The 1st Conference of Young Researchers at CAMK PAN will be held in Warsaw on 12-14 June ... more »


Particle Astrophysics in Poland 2019

The 4th biennial conference Particle Astrophysics in Poland will this year take place in Warsaw on ...
more »


Slim disk workshop

A short workshop to mark the thirtieth anniversary of the publication of the 1988 slim disks ... more »


ESO Workshop: A revolution in stellar physics with Gaia and large surveys

The Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center and the European Southern Observatory are co-organizing the workshop "A revolution ... more »


ESO Workshop

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center of Polish Academy of Sciences ... more »


Superfluids and superconductors in neutron stars: from the laboratory to astrophysical observations.

This workshop is the kickoff meeting of Working Group 2 of the COST action PHAROS, and ... more »


POLNS conference

We are pleased to announce the POLNS conference. It will take place at CAMK in Warsaw ... more »


NCAC conference for young astronomers, 22-24 Feb

Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center (NCAC) of the Polish Academy of Sciences invites university students of astronomy ...
more »


II Forum Inteligentnego Rozwoju

CAMK PAN zaprasza do udziału w II Forum Inteligentnego Rozwoju

Rozpoczęła się rejestracja uczestników II Forum ... more »


The Power of X-ray Spectroscopy

We are pleased to announce The Power of X-ray Spectroscopy workshop. The workshop will take place ... more »


WFI Proto-Consortium Meeting

WFI Proto-Consortium Meeting
10-12 October 2017
CAMK more info: more »


The RR Lyrae 2017 Conference

We are pleased to announce The RR Lyrae 2017 Conference. Revival of the Classical Pulsators: from ... more »


Annual NewCompStar Conference 2017

We are pleased to announce that the Annual NewCompStar conference 2017 will take place in Warsaw ... more »