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Unexpected discovery!


Using a computer grid AstrogridPL we have utilised the image subtraction package DIAPL2 to process the data collected by the CASE  project on the 10-meter SALT telescope. After the subtraction of the stars from the central part of the Milky Way we have discovered an unknown globular cluster. It is located in the Sagittarius constellation. It was given the name MOCCA22 in the latest globular cluster catalogue. MOCCA code analysis yielded the following preliminary results. The distance is about 14 kiloparsecs (about 50 thousand light years). The age is about 12 billion years. Total number of member stars is about 750 thousand and the total mass is about 300 thousand solar mass.

Mirek Giersz, Arkadiusz Hypki, Arek Olech, Wojtek Pych