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The Colloquia are held in a "hybrid mode": both in the lecture hall and online or online only (speaker's decision).
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Forthcoming seminars

Journal Club 04.12.2023

Monica Sanjinez Ortiz

Phase diagrams of binary ionic mixtures and white dwarf cooling
Wednesday Colloquium 06.12.2023

Ruchi Mishra

Accretion structures around Reissner-Nordstrom naked singularity and Sgr A* constraints

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» Our recent papers on arXiv

arXiv:2311.12118[pdf, other]
Intermediate-Mass Black Holes in Star Clusters and Dwarf Galaxies
Comments:To appear in Chapter 2 in the book Black Holes in the Era of Gravitational Wave Astronomy, ed. Arca Sedda, Bortolas, Spera, pub. Elsevier. All authors equally contributed to the chapter. A. Askar is the author of part I of the chapter. V. F. Baldassare and M. Mezcua are authors of part II. Figures from other publications have been reproduced with permission
arXiv:2311.18841[pdf, other]
On the maximum black hole mass at solar metallicity
Comments:Submitted to ApJ letters
arXiv:2311.18382[pdf, other]
Catalogue of BRITE-Constellation targets I. Fields 1 to 14 (November 2013 - April 2016)
Comments:accepted by Astronomy & Astrophysics, 13 pages main text, 22 pages of appendix
arXiv:2311.16248[pdf, other]
TIC 184743498: The First Tri-Axial Stellar Pulsator
Comments:Submitted to MNRAS, 12 figures, 4 tables
arXiv:2311.18647[pdf, other]
arXiv:2311.14872[pdf, other]
arXiv:2311.16013[pdf, other]
Problems in the astrophysics of accretion onto compact celestial bodies
Comments:Invited book chapter submitted for publication in "Highlights of the Compact Objects Sciences in the Last Decade", edited by Solen Balman, IU Press (Istanbul University Press, Turkey)
arXiv:2311.15849[pdf, other]
Empirical instability strip for classical Cepheids: I. The LMC galaxy
Comments:10 pages, 13 figures, accepted for publication in Astronomy & Astrophysics
arXiv:2311.15261[pdf, other]
Tomographic cross-correlations between galaxy surveys and CMB gravitational lensing potential -- impact of redshift bin mismatch
Comments:22 pages, 22 figures, 3 tables, submitted to A&A journal
arXiv:2311.14556[pdf, other]
Binary central stars of planetary nebulae in the Large Magellanic Cloud
Comments:10 pages, 4 figures