Wednesday Colloquium

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The Colloquium takes place every Wednesday at 11:15 AM - Warsaw Copernicus Astronomical Centre online by means of Zoom platform. The Colloquium is given in English and chaired by dr Stanisław Bajtlik ( from outside of the Copernicus Center are very welcome to participate. For technical detailes please contact Dr. Stanislaw Bajtlik.


"Variability and evolution of Active Galactic Nuclei"

Marzena Śniegowska (CAMK, Warsaw)

The time-dependent phenomena in Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) are not yet well-understood. Those sources are massive, with a broad range of physical properties and observations across the entire electromagnetic spectrum to explore. I explore different timescales, from hours/days to the chemical evolution of the galaxy over millions of years. Short-term variations are observed in the form of Quasi-Periodic Eruptions (QPE) and changing look (CL) active galactic nuclei - CL AGN. I discuss the model of radiation pressure instability taking into account the presence of inner advection-dominated accretion flow (ADAF) or the presence of the magnetic field. The long-term evolution shows through the correlation between the observed accretion rate and the chemical composition. I address this issue by determining the metallicity of high accretion rate sources.


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Journal Club

 future talks and archive

Journal Club takes place on Mondays at 11:10 AM in the Barek room. The seminar is given in English and is chaired by Jonas Pereira.


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