PhD studies/Doctoral School

PhD studies and Doctoral School at CAMK

Since 1978 over 100 PhD degrees were granted in the Copernicus Center. Since 1998 CAMK is leading a PhD studies programme in astronomy and astrophysics. At the moment, we host nearly 40 PhD students, half of them from abroad. All lectures are given in English. Starting from October, 1st 2019, the PhD studies will be gradually replaced with the GeoPlanet Doctoral School. The school was formed by seven institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences with Copernicus Center as the leading institute. The school offers PhD programs in the disciplines of astronomy, physics, and Earth and environmental sciences.


Coordinator and head of the GeoPlanet doctoral school:

dr hab. Radosław Smolec
tel. 228410041 x118 or 223296118


Secretary office:

mgr Katarzyna Morawska


Learn more about research pursued in our institute and about doctoral school by watching promotional movies:

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Our book, Across the Universe, includes detailed introduction to our Institute, its history, facilities, research groups and collaborations.


Information for candidates


As a leading member of the GeoPlanet Doctoral School, CAMK offers PhD courses in astronomy and astrophysics. The recruitment procedure starts at the beginning of the year, for the course starting on 1st October.  Each year a few supplementary recruitments are conducted. Please visit recruitment page for more details.



Regulations of the Doctoral School



Regulations valid until September 2023:



Regulations valid until September 2022:





Procedure and rules for the award of the degree of doctor

The below rules apply to doctoral school students and students that follow the old doctoral program at CAMK (admitted before the academic year of 2019/2020) and have not yet opened the doctoral proceedings.



Through education in the doctoral school, students attain learning outcomes for qualifications at level 8 of the Polish Qualification Framework (Polish: Polska Rama Kwalifikacji, PRK). No verification is needed.


Students that follow the old doctoral program at CAMK (admitted before the academic year of 2019/2020) also attain learning outcomes for qualifications at level 8 of PRK. However those that will apply for the award of the degree of doctor following the new rules will have to apply for verification of learning outcomes for qualifications at level 8 of PRK. The same applies for candidates that have prepared doctoral dissertation in extramural mode.




Regulations for the doctoral studies (for students admitted before 2019/2020 academic year)



Grants for PhD students




List of students - doctoral school

Year 1

Monica Sanjinez Ortiz (sup. J. Zdunik/M. Bejger)

Year 2

Parikshit Partha Biswas (sup. A. Różańska)

Biswaraj Palit (sup. A. Różańska)

Ganesh Nitin Pawar (sup. k. Hełminiak)

Clea Sunny (sup. M. Kuźniak/M. Wada)

Sudhagar Suyamprakasam (sup. M. Bejger)

Year 3

Felipe Espinoza Arancibia (sup. G. Handler/B. Pilecki)

Christian Eze (sup. G. Handler)

Alexander Lucas Hellström (sup. M. Giersz)

Angelos Karakonstantakis (sup. W. Kluźniak)

John Eduard Martínez Fernández (sup. R. Silva Smiljanic)

Sergen Özdemir (sup. R. Silva Smiljanic)

Mateusz Pietrzak (sup. T. Bulik/M. Suchenek)

Thomas Steinmetz (sup. T. Kamiński)

Year 4

Iftikhar Ahmad (sup. L. Roszkowski/M. Wada)

Wathela Alhassan (sup. T. Bulik/M. Suchenek)

Sarthak Choudhary (sup. M. Kuźniak)

Fatemeh Kayanikhoo (sup. W. Kluźniak/M. Čemeljić)

Muhammad Zain Mobeen (sup. T. Kamiński)

Tilaksingh Pawar (sup. K. Hełminiak)

Amedeo Romagnolo (sup. K. Belczyński/Jakub Klencki)

Paules Zakhary (sup. L. Roszkowski/M. Wada)

Oliwia Ziółkowska (sup. R. Smolec)

Year 5

André da Silva (sup. R. Silva Smiljanic)

Ayush Moharana (sup. K. Hełminiak)

Rajeev Rathour (sup. R. Smolec)

List of students - PHD studies

Year 5

Ruchi Mishra (sup. W. Kluźniak)