Technical contact:


Big lecture hall

Available devices:

  • main projector: 16:9 FullHD (1920×1080) resolution, HDMI & VGA inputs 
  • suplementary projector: 4:3 XGA (1024×768) resolution, 2 x VGA input
  • audio mixer and speakers
  • tie-clip & hand microphones
  • desktop computer for presentations: dual boot Windows & Linux, FullHD, internet enabled. It supports presentation in PDF, Open/Libre Office and Microsoft Office.
  • Laptops can be connected to our projectors if they support HDMI, VGA or DVI sockets. Macintoshes with the DisplayPort and Mini Display Port are partially supported. The suggested frequency is 60Hz. Please test your laptop with our system at least half an hour before the presentation. Otherwise we are not able to help.





  • Small seminar room: There is a 46" TV 1920×1080 with VGA, HDMI and SCART sockets.
  • Cantine and other rooms: The portable projector requires VGA port and serves the resolution 1024×768×60Hz. 

The whole CAMK is covered with WiFi access (SSID=CAMK). During bigger events the specials SSIDs and passwords are given to participants.