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Journal Club


"Recent Highlights on Variable Star Research"

G. Handler (NCAC, Warsaw)


"Discovering the Universe anew"

K. Złoczewski (CAMK, Copernicus Science Centre)

Modern planetarium offers not only view of the night sky from any position at the Earth surface, but it is also time-space travel machine. Contemporary digital projection systems allow to get fully immerse into presented world. The Heavens of Copernicus planetarium is equipped with such a system so it is capable to give interesting educational shows and combine it with deep aesthetic experience.

"Copernicus Science Centre revives curiosity, promotes learning, and debates science-society questions"

Lech Nowicki (Copernicus Science Centre, National Centre for Nuclear Research)

Copernicus Science Centre, the largest science centre in Poland operates in Warsaw since November 2010 hosting over 3000 visitors per day. The main facilities: interactive exhibition, four laboratories, planetarium, as well as many events (Science Picnic, workshops, meetings, conferences, science shows) attract and gather wide audience around science-related topics. Copernicus Science Center’s mission will be described and several examples of educational activities of the Center will be presented.