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Journal Club


"The most interesting astronomical results in 2012"

S. Bajtlik (NCAC, Warsaw)


"Fe Kα line reverberation around black holes in AGN"

P. Życki (NCAC, Warsaw)

based on: Zoghbi et al. (arXiv:1302.1761)


"Low-Mass X-ray Binaries in Globular Clusters: Puzzles and Solutions"

A. Hypki (NCAC, Warsaw)

based on Ivanova (2013; arXiv:1301.2203)

"Planetary Nebulae Luminosity Function - a method for independent measurements of extragalactic distances"

K. Suberlak

based on i.a. Robin Ciardullo , "The Planetary Nebula Luminosity Function" (2006; on-line article)