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Journal Club


"News from Cyg X-1"

Janusz Ziolkowski (CAMK, Warsaw)


"Observations of the black hole silhouette in M87 by the Event Horizon Telescope"

Krzysztof Nalewajko (CAMK, Warsaw)

The talk is based on the report of the first image of a black hole, by the EHT Collaboration:


"Latest Results from the SALT X-ray Binary Transients Program"

Phil Charles (Southampton University)

The Southern African Large Telescope is the largest single optical telescope in the southern hemisphere, situated at the South African Astronomical Observatory field station. SALT is funded by a consortium of international partners from South Africa, the United States, Germany, Poland, India, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. The telescope has been in full science operation since 2011 and is realising its huge potential ( see the official website ). Professor P. Charles will tell us the latest news about SALT.