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"Core and crust contributions in overshooting pulsar glitches"

Alessandro Montoli (Universita' degli Studi di Milano)

During a pulsar glitch the angular velocity of the neutron star may overshoot, namely reach values greater than that of the new post-glitch equilibrium. Fitting the data of the 2016 glitch of the Vela pulsar, it is possible to obtain estimates for the moments of inertia of the internal superfluid components involved in the glitch. Preliminary results imply a reservoir of angular momentum extending beyond the crust and an inner core of non-superfluid matter. The talk will be based on:


"A Quake Quenching the Vela Pulsar"

Jose Ortuno Macias (CAMK, Warsaw)

The remarkable null pulse coincident with the 2016 glitch in Vela rotation indicates a dynamical event involving the crust and the magnetosphere of the neutron star, probably linked to seismic activity in the crust. The talk will be based