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Journal Club


"Large Hadron Collider"

S. Tatur (CAMK)

"News from the cosmological simulators society. Conclusions form NOVICOSMO 2008 workshop"

W. Hellwing (CAMK)


"Black holes as trapping horizons"

E. Gourgoulhon (Laboratoire Univers et Theories, Observatoire de Paris, CNRS & Universite Paris Diderot)


"The Diversity and Similarity of Cold Dark Matter Halos"

R. Wojtak (CAMK)

(based on arXiv:0810.1522v1)

"X-Ray spectroscopy of the V458 Vulpeculae"

A. Różańska (CAMK)

(based on arXiv:0810.3077v1)