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Journal Club


"What is the mass of the black hole in NGC 6946?"

Agata Różańska (CAMK)

based on arXiv:0804.3760v1


"The second face of Polaris"

Alex Schwarzenberg-Czerny (CAMK)

based on arXiv:0804.3593v1

"Stellar Exotica in 47 Tucanae"

Wojciech Pych (CAMK)

based on arXiv:0805.0140


"Dark Energy: back to Newton?"

Maciej Bilicki (CAMK)

based on arXiv:0712.2196v2

"The Universe Under the Microscope"

Bożena Czerny (CAMK)

summary of the conference in Bad Honnef 2008


"Cosmic Magnetic Fields, Near and Far"

Richard Wielebinski (Max-Planck-Institute fuer Radioastronomie, Bonn, Germany)


The seminar in big lecture room starts at 12:00