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Journal Club


"Discovery in IC10 of the farthest known symbiotic star"

M. Gromadzki (CAMK)

(based on arXiv:0809.2370)

"New dynamical model and BH spin determination for LMC X-1"

A. Sądowski (CAMK)

(based on arXiv:0810.3447 and arXiv:0901.0920)


"The minimum stellar metallicity observable in the Galaxy"

T. Zdravkov (CAMK)

(based on arXiv:0811.0020v1)

"SDSS 1507+52: A Halo Cataclysmic Variable?"

A. Olech (CAMK)

(based on Patterson et al. 2008, PASP, 120, 510-522)