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Journal Club


"Status of Higgs boson searches at the Tevatron"

S. Tatur (CAMK)

(based on arXiv:0903.4312 and arXiv:0903.4001)

"VLBI astrometry and binary pulsars"

J. L. Zdunik (CAMK)

(based on arXiv:0808.1594 and arXiv:0902.0996)


"Does radiation pressure really stop the star formation?"

A. Rutkowski (CAMK)

(based on Krumholz et al., Science 2009 323, 754)

"Eta Carinae"

A. Zdziarski (CAMK)

(based on arXiv:0904.2736)


"Where galaxies really come from"

W. Hellwing (CAMK)

(based on arXiv:0906.0903v1)

"Is Convection in Cepheids Observable in A Telescope: V440 Per Sequel"

A. Schwarzenberg-Czerny (CAMK)


"Asteroseismology of Delta Scuti stars: the case of 44 Tauri"

P. Lenz (Institute of Astronomy, University of Vienna)