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Journal Club


"Brown dwarf companions to Cataclysmic Binaries?" and "Astronomical paintings of Vincent van Gogh"

J. Smak (CAMK)


"Absolute Magnitudes of Dwarf Novae: Murmurs of Period Bounce"

A. Olech (CAMK)

(based on arXiv:0903.1006)

"Planets Around A-Type Stars"

J. Kałużny (CAMK)

(based on arXiv:0912.0518)


"An Intermediate-Mass Black Hole of ≥ 500 Solar Masses in the Galaxy ESO 243-49"

A. Różańska (CAMK)

(based on arXiv:1001.0567 [Nature 460, 73])

"The early evolution of massive black holes"

T. Zdravkov (CAMK)

(based on arXiv:0912.0525)


"Looking for WIMPs in the CDMS II experiment"

S. Tatur (CAMK)

(based on arXiv:0912.3592)