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Journal Club


"NGC 6826 and the ZZ Leporis stars"

G. Handler (NCAC, Warsaw)


"Multiple stellar-mass black holes in globular clusters"

A. Hypki (NCAC, Warsaw)

based on Sippel & Hurley (arXiv:1211.6608)

"Transit algorithm performance using real WASP data"

A. Schwarzenberg-Czerny (NCAC, Warsaw)

based on: Enoch et al. (2012) A&A, 548, A48, ADS link


"Source-intrinsic near-infrared properties of Sgr A*: Total intensity measurements"

Vladimir Karas (Astronomical Institute, Academy of Czech Republik, Prague)

based on: G. Witzel et al, ApJS 203, id. 18, (2012)  ADS link