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"SDSS J1507+52: an eclipsing period bouncer in the Galactic halo"

A. Olech (NCAC, Warsaw)

Based on Uthas et al., MNRAS 414, L85 (2011)


"Did Polish Painting ever exist?"

P. Kopszak (National Museum, Warsaw)

Art is a phenomenon which requires freedom in a degree not always necessary in other domains of human activity. Does it really make sense to compartmentalise its effects using categories borrowed from other nonartistic fields? Or perhaps one should rather pay more attention to the way artists proclaimed their freedom by opposing the realities of context in which they lived? Opening of the new gallery of Polish and European Painting before 1914 in the National Museum in Warsaw which replaces former Gallery of Polish Painting is an opportunity to take a look backwards and study how the notion of Polish Painting developed, who were its main protagonists and how useful it is still today. "Battle of Grunwald" by Jan Matejko, one of the emblematic paintings of Polish School will be given a more in-depth look as an example of art work exciting both acclaim and fervent critique to a large degree connected with Matejko's infatuation with Polish history and present day politics.


"New BIG All Sky Surveys - new life of NOAO 4m telescopes, Pan-Starrs survey, LSST"

J. Kałużny (NCAC, Warsaw)

Based on arXiv:1203.0590, arXiv:1203.0591 and arXiv:1201.2208