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Seminarium środowe


"Phase-space structures of dark matter haloes"

Michał Maciejewski (MPA, Garching)


"Some unsolved problems in particle physics and cosmology"

Krzysztof Meissner (Institute of Theoretical Physics, Warsaw University)

I will discuss some fundamental problems in particle physics and cosmology that despite sometimes monumental effort remain unsolved. I will present my personal judgment on the insight gained so far and the proposed ways


"Chandra weakest sources - the ultimate limit"

Andrzej Sołtan (Copernicus Astronomical Centre, Warsaw)

A novel method to investigate a population of the weakest X-ray sources is presented. A Nearest Neighbor STatistics (NNST) is used to search for irregularities of the count distribution in the deep X-ray exposures. The formulae linking the number source counts with the NNST are derived. The NNST is applied to assess the source counts below the standard threshold of the discrete source detection.