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Seminarium środowe



Paweł Nurowski (Center for Theoretical Physics, Warsaw)


"The structure of Andromeda II dwarf spheroidal galaxy"

Andrés del Pino (NCAC, Warsaw)

The Andromeda II dwarf spheroidal galaxy (dSph) is one of the most conspicuous systems in the Local Group. It is known to host at least two stellar populations, different in age and metallicity. Furthermore, Andromeda II shows a strong rotation signal, comparable to its central velocity dispersion. This feature, not common in dSph galaxies, is even more surprising since the rotation direction is around the optical major axis of the galaxy. In this talk we present the results of the most comprehensive analysis of Andromeda II up to date. We analyze in detail the spatial distribution and kinematic properties of the two stellar populations. We demonstrate for the first time that both populations are also separated in their kinematics and that might not be in equilibrium. Finally, we will discuss possible scenarios for the origin and evolution of the galaxy.