Wednesday Colloquium



Young astronomers meeting at CAMK (CAMK, Warsaw)


"TESS photometry of hot subdwarf stars"

Sumanta Kumar Sahoo (CAMK, Warsaw)

Hot subdwarf stars are extreme horizontal branch stars, consisting of a convective helium-burning core, helium shell, and a thin (in mass) hydrogen envelope. A few of these subdwarfs pulsate, which opens the window to study these stars using asteroseismology. The majority of such pulsating stars detected are B-type stars (sdBV). From the TESS mission, we have detected a few tens of rich gravity mode sdBVs by analyzing their short cadence (SC) light curves and identified their pulsation mode geometries. Apart from the SC data, we also extracted light curves from TESS full frame images for the targets not observed in SC mode and analyzed them to detect pulsations. I will be talking about these pulsating subdwarf stars and our study to understand their pulsation properties.



Jonas Pereira