Wednesday Colloquium


"Modeling Reflection Signatures in the RXTE Spectra from X-ray Binaries: The Case of GX 339-4"

Garcia-Martinez, Javier (CfA Harvard)

Despite its limited spectral resolution, the RXTE mission has provided a vast amount of observational data for many X-ray sources over its entire lifespan of 16 years. We have started a camping to analyze all the available data for most X-ray binaries, focusing on the detection and modeling of reflection signatures. We present the results of this camping on the analysis of all available data for GX 339-4 in the hard state. Strong reflection features such as the Fe K emission line, the Fe K-edge, and the Compton hump are clearly observed on a wide range of luminosities. By fitting the spectra with the most advanced relativistic reflection models we are to impose constrains on the ionization state of the gas, the inner radius of the accretion disk, and the inclination of the system. A novel technique to improve the quality of PCA spectral data will also be discussed