Wednesday Colloquium


"A New Scenario for IMBH Formation in Globular Clusters - Observational Imprints"

Mirosław Giersz (NCAC, Warsaw)

I will discuss a new scenario for formation of intermediate mass black holes in globular clusters. In this scenario, intermediate mass black holes are formed as a result of dynamical interactions of hard binaries, containing a stellar mass black hole, with other stars and binaries. I will discuss the necessary conditions to initiate the process of intermediate mass black hole formation and the dependence of the rate of mass increase on the global cluster properties. I will also discuss possible observational imprints of IMBH presence in star clusters.


"More Than Meets the Eye: How do we contemplate contemporary art?"

Kathryn Zazenski (Fulbright Fellow and NCAC, Warsaw)

In 1917 the path of contemporary art was forever changed by Marcel Duchamp and his introduction of the "readymade." The readymade paved the way for art to function in the service of the mind as opposed to its prior service of being pleasing to the eye. In this talk I will discuss ways of contemplating contemporary art; the shifting role of beauty, material, and concept, illustrating these ideas with a range of works from international artists over the past 100 years


"What was the last Nobel Prize in Physics given for?"

Joanna Zalipska (National Centre for Nuclear Research, Warsaw)