Special Seminars



"Broadening Functions in Spectroscopy"

Sławomir Ruciński (University of Toronto)

The concept of Broadening Functions is described: The BF's are simple projections of stellar shapes or stellar positions in the radial velocity domain, as seen in the broadening or displacement of spectral lines. As such, they can be utilized for analysis of orbital motion, shape distortion or mutual eclipses of components in binary stars or for detection of spots or waves of non-radial oscillations on single stars. The natural broadening process can be described as a linear convolution which can be solved for the BF shape utilizing the Singular Value Decomposition technique which is particularly advantageous for the highly over-determined system of the linear equations describing the spectral line broadening (frequently with many linearly dependent equations). The talk is meant to be of use for students and/or practitioners of the spectral line analysis.

Lecture will be heald on April 19 (Friday), 2013, at 10:00 am, at NCAC lecture hall. Duration approx. 1,5 h. The lecture is open to the public.