Special Seminars



"Testing the CDM paradigm: the new era of high-resolution super simulations"

Wojciech Hellwing (Institute of Cosmology&Gravitation University of Portsmouth, UK)

The rapid growth of available computer power accompanied by constant developement of numerical techniques lead to opening new prospective windows of testing the Dark Matter paradigm with a galaxy-scale structure formation. I shall discuss tantalizing results that stem from a the newest state-of-the-art cosmological simulations of the EAGLE, APOSTOLE and COCO suites. I shall review and discuss our main results including: - properties Warm and Cold Dark Matter haloes; - spatial patterns in satellites of Milky-Way and Andromeda-like systems; - prospects of using strong-lensing of dark subhaloes for detecting the Cold Dark Matter; - Local Group satellite galaxies properties in "gastrophysical" APOSTOLE simulations; - importance and magnitude of galaxy physics effects in cosmic velocity and density fields.