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"Ultraluminous X-ray sources with neutron star accretors"

Grzegorz Wiktorowicz (CAMK, Warsaw)

Ultraluminous X-ray sources have luminosities significantly above the Eddington limit for a stellar mass black hole. A recent discovery of pulsars in a few ULXs seems to prove that the superEddinton emission is possible. We analysed mass transfer rates onto neutron stars in X-ray binaries in order to verify if they can be high enough to power a ULX. We found out that NS accretors may constitute a significant fraction of the ULX population and even dominate it in old stellar systems.


"The Search for Failed Supernovae with the Large Binocular Telescope: Confirmation of a Disappearing Star"

Abbas Askar (CAMK, Warsaw)

The talk is based on Adams et al. MNRAS, 468, 4968-4981 (2017).


"Long term study of the light curve of PKS 1510-089 in GeV energies"

Raj Prince (Raman Research Institute, Bengaluru )

We have analyzed data from Blazar FSRQ PKS 1510-089 collected over a period of eight years from 2008 August to 2016 December with the Fermi-LAT. We have identified the several flares of this highly variable source, studied their temporal and spectral properties in detail. Five flares and few sub-flares have been identified in our study. I will talk about these five flares in detail.