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"Discovery of a new, 2.2 Mpc Giant Radio Galaxy at a redshift of 0.57"

Katarzyna Rusinek (NCAC, Warsaw)

The talk is based on Sebastian et al., arXiv:1710.06182.


"Hydrodynamic simulations of moonlet-induced propellers in Saturn’s rings: Application to Bleriot"

Alex Markowitz (NCAC, Warsaw)

Talk is based on


"A young contracting white dwarf in the peculiar binary HD 49798/RX J0648.0–4418 ?"

Ananda Deepika Bollimpalli (NCAC, Warsaw)

Based on


"Hitomi Observation of Radio Galaxy NGC 1275: The First X-ray Microcalorimeter Spectroscopy of Fe-Kα Line Emission from an Active Galactic Nucleus"

Dominik Gronkiewicz (NCAC, Warsaw)

The talk is based on