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Journal Club


"Timing the warm absorber in NGC 4051"

Tek Prasad Adhikari (CAMK, Warsaw)

based on C. V. Silva et al. A&A, 2016


"V404 Cyg - an unusual black-hole transient"

Andrzej Zdziarski (CAMK, Warsaw)

partly based on Plotkin et al. ApJ 834 (2017)


"A long term study of AGN X-ray variability. Structure function analysis on a ROSAT-XMM quasar sample"

Justyna Średzińska (CAMK, Warsaw)

Based on Middei et al. eprint arXiv:1612.08547


"Towards self-consistent modelling of the Sgr A* accretion flow: linking theory and observation"

Wenchi Yan (CAMK, Warsaw)

based on Roberts et al. MNRAS (2017)