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"Multi-wavelength Variability and QPOs in Blazars"

Dr. Alok C. Gupta (Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences (ARIES) )

Blazar is a subclass of radio loud AGN which show flux variation in the complete EM spectrum on diverse timescales ranging from as short as a few tens of minutes and as long as several years. The blazar emission is predominantly non-thermal. In the present talk, I will discuss some of interesting recent results published by my group based on multi-wavelength ground and space based data. We have detected flux variation in blazars on diverse time scales, cross-correlated multi-wavelength flux and spectral variabilities. We have also detected quasi-periodic oscillations (QPOs) in time series data of blazars in optical and X-ray bands. I will also briefly describe which are dominant AGN standard models which can explain our findings.