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Summary of 6th WFI/Athena proto-consortium meeting

  Members of the Athena project met at Nicolaus Copernicous Astronomical Center during the 6th WFI/Athena … more Summary of 6th WFI/Athena proto-consortium meeting»

Creation date: 10.09.2017,   Archive date: 09.09.2017

Summary of Workshop "The Power of X-ray Spectroscopy"

The workshop "The Power of X-ray Spectroscopy" was held from 6- 8th September in Warsaw. … more Summary of Workshop "The Power of X-ray Spectroscopy"»

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Workshop "The Power of X-ray Spectroskopy"

We are pleased to announce The Power of X-ray Spectroscopy workshop. The workshop will take place … more Workshop "The Power of X-ray Spectroskopy"»

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StrongGravity Consortium Meeting

The meeting will be held in April 13, 14, 15, 2016, Warsaw, CAMK PAN. 
This meeting … more StrongGravity Consortium Meeting»

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Polska w Kosmosie

26-27 November 2015 Conference: Polska w Kosmosie 

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