Wednesday Colloquium


"Simulating observations in the vicinity of compact objects"

Frederic Vincent (NCAC, Warsaw)

I will present two projects linked with simulating observation of phenomena in the vicinity of compact objects. (1) Simulations of light curves emitted by an accretion disk subject to the so-called Rossby wave hydrodynamical instability, that could account for microquasars QPOs. (2) Simulations of images of a collapsing neutron star, the first ray-traced simulations in a numerical spacetime.


"A cosmological perspective on the mergers double compact objects"

Michał Dominik (Astronomical Observatory, Warsaw University)

Double compact objects consist of a pair of neutron stars, black holes or a mix of both objects. They are considered to be the most potent sources of gravitational waves. The developments in gravitational wave detection technology in the past decade prompts for predictions of potential detections of these sources. I will present some of the most recent developments in stellar evolution and their impact on the populations of double compact objects in a cosmological frame.


"What was the last Nobel Prize in Physics given for?"

Arkadiusz Orłowski (The Faculty of Applied Informatics and Mathematics, Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW))