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Astrocent job offer

The newly formed International Research Agenda Astrocent ( has been recently established as part of the Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw ( Astrocent will form several research groups, and one of them will be devoted to construction and testing of seismic sensors and hardware for the gravitational wave instruments. The group is seeking two researchers with the strong background in construction of sensors and sensor networks. The candidates should have some experience after their PhD or equivalently show an excellent record of experience in involvement with large scientific infrastructures and construction of detectors, data acquisition systems, as well as software development. Additionally, an engineering degree will be considered as an asset.

The group will have strong ties with the VIRGO gravitational wave detector and also with the development of hardware, software and research for the Einstein Telescope.

We offer exciting work in a newly formed group, excellent opportunities for development and participation in the construction of hardware for the best instruments on the surface of the planet. Additionally the successful applicants will have a chance of becoming members of the Virgo science collaboration.


We offer a one year contract with the possibility of extension for up to five years. Successful candidates will also have the opportunity to apply for permanent positions within the Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center at the end of the project. The gross salary will be in the range of 11-15kPLN/month.


The application should consist of a CV, statement of research interests, a copy of the PhD diploma, as well as publication list, which should be sent by email to prof. Tomasz Bulik ( before September 17th, 2018. The applicants should also arrange for two reference letters to be sent directly to prof. Bulik.


In order to comply with the EU GDPR please print and fill the following form

and include it with the application.


Ref. Astrocent/1/2018