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Scholarship in Developing Dark Matter Detection Experiment

The Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center in Warsaw, Poland, invites applications for a student scholarship funded by the Polish National Science Center. The successful applicant will work with Prof. Masayuki Wada on the project "Development of the Most Sensitive Dark Matter Detector with Liquid Argon" funded by the Polish National Science Center (NCN), through grant SONATA-BIS nr 2021/42/E/ST2/00331.


The primary responsibility of a researcher for this position will be the analysis of physics data from the simulation for liquid argon detectors as well as feasibility and design optimization studies and software development. The successful candidate will actively participate in the construction of the time projection chamber to perform the low-energy nuclear recoil measurement and the impurity study, which will pave the way for future experiment (DarkSide-LM). Scope of work includes: - performing Geant4 simulation - calculating projected detector sensitivity - measurement of delayed electron emission due to chemical impurities in liquid argon - analysis of single-electron tail from large S2 pulses for pure and contaminated LAr with different drift fields applied - analysis of the correlation between the Rn-trap and the rate of single electron emission - travel abroad for a few months for international collaboration - presenting scientific results at conferences - preparing technical notes and publications - actively participating in the research program at AstroCeNT - active cooperation with other research teams at AstroCeNT.


The main requirement for this position is the possession of a valid MSc degree or equivalent in physics (or astronomy, mathematics or engineering). Good knowledge of English and experience with programming, analysis of experimental data and Monte Carlo simulation will be required: good programming skills in C++ and python, optionally, familiarity with ROOT or Geant4. Hardware experience will also be an advantage.


The applicants should provide:

  • a CV including education history, information about scientific achievements (publications, awards and scholarships, participation in scientific conferences, workshops and research programs),
  • a short letter of motivation,
  • a copy of the diploma (master, engineer) - including the list of course grades,
  • at least one recommendation letter (can be sent directly by the author to the same email address),
  • a scan of the signed NCN GDPR document available here


Applications should be sent in pdf form to


Enquiries about the studentships can also be addressed to


The deadline for applications is 24 November 2023; the applications will be reviewed by the recruitment committee soon after this date and will be resolved by 30 November 2023.

The review will be carried out according to the NCN rules (


The studentship is available for 23 months, with a possibility of extension (in case of the grant extending, but not longer than up to 13 additional months), in the total amount of 5000 PLN/month, gross.


The envisaged starting date is 1 January 2024.