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Accretion processes in astrophysics

by prof. Bożena Czerny (CFT)   Aim of the lecture: Accretion provides the energy for the … more Accretion processes in astrophysics»

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Observational Asteroseismology

Fall 2015 PhD lecture
Gerald Handler

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Galactic dynamics

Fall 2014 PhD lecture
Ewa L. Łokas
Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center

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Relativistic Astrophysics and Related Computational Methods

Spring 2014
dr hab. Michał Bejger
associate professor
Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center
e­mail: bejger@camk.edu.pl

A monograph … more Relativistic Astrophysics and Related Computational Methods»

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High Energy Astrophysics

  A subjective introduction  
dr hab. Rafał Moderski
associate professor
Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center
e­mail: … more High Energy Astrophysics»

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Physics of Stars

Spring 2013
Sławomir (Slavek) Ruciński, PhD, DSc
Professor Emeritus
Department of Astronomy and Astrophyscis
University of … more Physics of Stars»

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Close Binary Systems / Cataclysmic Variables

Fall 2012
Prof. dr hab. Józef I. Smak - NCAC PAS, Warsaw
Lecture plan

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Spring 2012
Dr. hab. Aleksiej Pamiatnych - NCAC PAS, Warsaw  
See the Polish version of … more Asteroseismology»

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