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Cosmic Distance Scale

by prof. Grzegorz Pietrzyński (CAMK)

Since ancient observations to present day astrophysics, distance determination has been one of the most important, fascinating and challenging goals in astronomy. Knowing distances is much more than just knowing the scale; it also means knowing the physical nature of objects in the universe, and each significant improvement in the accuracy of the distance scale opens whole new fields of astrophysical research.
During this course we will discuss various techniques used for distance determinations in astrophysics. We will focus on restrictions in their applications and errors, in particular systematic errors on distance. In order to better understand these limitations and sources of errors several observing techniques required for distance determination will be presented and discussed. The  calibrations of the extragalactic distance scale based on various techniques will be presented in the context of the Hubble constant determination. The discrepancy between different methods of the Hubble constant determination will be also briefly discussed.

Thursdays 12:30,  about 12 courses are planned.  
More details will be given during the first lecture on March 12th, 2020.
Assessment: oral exam or test



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